Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Obviousness Is Never Sexy

If nothing else, don’t be obvious.  What this means is don’t telegraph that the only thing coursing through your head is sex, like most men do at this time, and most times, for that matter.  On top of figuring out what to say, you must be mindful of how you present it. 

Be respectful, polite, show genuine interest.  If you are authentic in your intent and manner it will show, as well as it will be clear when you are being insincere.   Good Bad Boys are artists, and like all artists, practice is essential.  No man was born with all the skills of seduction; they are learned, and then practiced.  While many times practice can be a chore, I can assure you that engaging in flirtatious banter with a cute woman is anything but work. 

Just get out there, be yourself and give it a try.  This isn’t calculus; even the most romantically unskilled fellow will be able to carry a polite conversation with a little bit of work.

Now, assuming you’ve managed to negotiate these difficult waters to this point, you need to know when to get out.  Ideally, you’ll just spend a few minutes establishing a bond, and then excuse yourself and get lost, so you can see her on a legitimate date.  Now, if you should happen to have the good fortune of sitting next to an attractive woman on a cross country flight, or some other place where you’re not going anywhere for a while,  you’ll have to pace yourself, and have several small conversations over the course of the trip and go back and forth between chatting with her and whatever you may have to keep yourself occupied. 

Always bring interesting reading material with you on trips, it provides great conversation fodder, and a chance for you to cleverly ‘broadcast’ some interesting aspect of you without you having to bring it up. 

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