Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Good Bad Boy Tip #6

There is not that ‘one word’ or ‘clever phrase’ that will hit a switch and make her yours, although there is plenty you can say that will leave you by yourself. Just be easy, build up slowly; do not rush. 

Depending where you are, you can ask about the situation or location. If you’re at an event, you can ask what brings her to it, what her interest in it is. If at a party, ask about the hosts, and her connection to them. Be upbeat and friendly; don’t be negative. Negativity will kill your chances instantly, and mark you as a downer type of person. 

Most importantly, don’t over talk! Most men suffer from this serious problem. You are trying to build a connection, and yakking about all aspects of your life will always do lots of damage!

Listen and remember, LESS IS MORE.

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