Friday, May 3, 2013

Eye See....

When acting through ‘less is more’, flirtation at first involves the skill of showing interest, but not showing too much interest.  Probably a better way to put this is to not show too much interest too quickly.  A huge part of you being attractive to women in general is that you are in control of your actions and emotions, that you are decisive and that you are clear on what is you want and how you are going about go get it.  The first step towards all of this in the realm of flirtation is the initial indication of attraction – eye contact.

Probably the single biggest difference between men who are successful in attracting women and those that aren’t is the ability to make effective eye contact with women.  If you are afraid of women or lack confidence around them, it’s likely you have a lot of difficulty looking a cute woman directly in the eyes, at least in a manner that is friendly and effective.  Bear in mind, this is the initial indicator, and overcoming this obstacle is very, very simple.

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