Friday, May 24, 2013

Authentic Interest......

A key aspect at this point is to indicate a genuine interest in the woman you’re speaking with, so you should be doing more listening than speaking.  Remember your lessons!  Ask questions, but don’t be obvious. 

Asking what kind of work she does is lame and uninspired.  You want to know who she is, not what she does.  Work life will come up in conversation eventually, and if she brings the topic up, just let her know matter of factly what you do, and move onto other things, you want to show you are interested in things beyond work life. 

Show interest, but don’t be arrogant, if something she says comes up and you’re not familiar with the topic, don’t act like you know all about it.  Admit you’re not familiar with the subject--but you want to know more.  This will get her talking and you can show interest. 

You want to be doing much more listening and it’s a bit of a poker game, but by listening you’re collecting important information that you will be noting for later.  Sure you’ll need to chime in here and there, but brevity is essential.  Just make sure your responses are more than monosyllabic.   She needs something to work with as well! 

This is the kind of thinking and actions that will get you further.  It shows humility, and women will always take a humble guy over a know-it-all.  This will all require practice, and if you can convince a wife or girlfriend of a close friend to help you role play, you will get this all down much more quickly.  She’ll appreciate the gift certificate you give her to her favorite store for her time – generosity is a good trait to develop along with everything else!

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