Friday, January 24, 2014

Staying the Higher Course

Additionally, it is very important to spend some time examining how you are to behave moving forward with someone you are now intimately involved with.  This is not alluding to a relationship discussion, which will be touched on more in the final chapter.   You’ve already been clear with her on what she can expect from you emotionally, and until that changes on either side, you keep the lines of communication open and behave in a manner that is consistent on what you’ve told her to expect from you.  Anything short of this is not Good Bad Boy behavior, it is furtive and disrespectful. A lack of forthrightness and being honest and timely in your emotional communications will hurt those you interact with, but most importantly, the person you will damage the most will be yourself.  You’ve put a lot of time and effort into being a man that women want to be with, so you now must always take the high road – there are no exceptions.

The point that most men miss, and that Good Bad Boys already know, is that if you are caring, honest, communicative and respectful to a woman you are involved with, regardless whether you’ve been together ten days or ten years, you will have available to you everything you desire physically, and then some.  Mr. Nice Guy has to have his place and here is where he is best utilized.  Once a woman feels that she can depend on you emotionally, it will be much easier for you to lead where you want to go physically.  Spending the time establishing this base of care and trust is vitally important, regardless of what the relationship dynamics are.  This foundation must be in place to be able to fully explore your Good Bad Boy potential and possibilities.

There is no secret to all this, just be a decent, honest, communicative, ‘stand-up’ guy – for some reason these men don’t seem to come along that often, so once again you’ve differentiated yourself from the herd.  Most men are afraid to directly and honestly communicate how they feel to a woman, for fear that what they may say will upset them and ruin everything.  I can assure you that not saying what you feel will do far more damage in time.  Be a Good Bad Boy and always say how you feel – in honest, caring terms, of course!  

Saturday, January 18, 2014

The High Road of Quiet Confidence

How you carry yourself through each of your days is now important.  You have more confidence now that you’ve been fortunate enough to gain some understanding on what women are looking for when initially encountering a man.  Let this quiet confidence permeate through all your words and deeds, particularly with the opposite sex – it will add to your attraction.  If you are to truly evolve as a Good Bad Boy, you are to take your new found knowledge and modestly hold it in reserve until it’s called for.  The worst thing you could do at this point is misuse your new skills and become a jerk.  Alas, this is a very easy thing to do.
There is a fine line that runs between confidence, conceit and arrogance.  Be charming and playful in your interactions and hint at what you may have in store.  Acting like you’re a complete stud and everyone should honor you for it is completely gross.  You’ll be just like one of those Neanderthal single guys that used to roam the discos in the 1970’s with 10 pounds of gold chains blaring through shirts open to their fat stomachs.  Women have mastered the art of being mysterious, so you’ll do well to be modest, play things close to the vest and let a woman discover all those fun things about you as well.  This is balanced and both parties will enjoy the hunt.  

Just because you think you know how to bed a woman doesn’t mean you now get to do it any faster, you still have to take the time involved to properly interest and seduce a woman – that will never change.  If you go back to the old thinking of just trying to get a woman into bed as quickly as possible, even with your new knowledge, not only have you failed all the lessons we’ve discussed, you’ve actually regressed, since you are now supposed to know better.  You’re on a new path now, there is no turning back – moving forward is where the rewards are.  Be modest and humble, and show all the caring and concern we discussed in the earlier chapters, these are attributes that are now permanent.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Working Smart

As briefly mentioned before, despite your appearance efforts and making best use of what you’ve got, you will not make every woman perspire with anticipation when you walk into a room.  In fact, you will not catch the eye of most women when you walk into a room, unless you really possess Hollywood leading man looks, and even then it’s touch and go. 

The good news is you don’t have the time or capacity to handle all of that attention, despite what you may think, and catching the eye of even a small percentage of the women you come across still translates into a large number.  The reality is that trying to date more than two or three women at a time, as much fun as it may seem in your head, would start to work against the quality of your life, as you would find little time to yourself and being much more reactionary to your social life, as opposed to actively defining it.  You’ll be less happy with more women and happier with less, even though that seems counterintuitive to almost every male out there.  Once again – Less is More.  Get one at a time down first and then you can concern yourself with adding more if that’s your interest.

Since you don’t have to worry about appealing to the masses of women out there, your task now is to find those few that you will really connect with.  The hardest part of this is the patience involved because a woman who wants to get closer to you will let you know it, but in a subtle manner.  Your task is to make sure you’re alert enough to pick the signal up when it is sent your way and be ready for it, regardless of how long it takes.  This simply means is you go about your normal routine, and at all times be prepared to hone your Good Bad Boy skills. 

Instead of being like most men, trying to impress yourself onto a woman that really isn’t interested, you’ll patiently wait for one that is interested in you to show you a sign.  Mind you, you have to have your radar on all the time.   You have to be proactive, and practice all the things we mentioned during the early dating scenarios--making eye contact, smiling, being ready and able to drop a clever line to get things rolling – but after that, you step back and wait for the green light, whether it shows up or not.  This is important for a Good Bad Boy, since you only want to go where the lust is, and not where you’re uninvited. 

There is no timetable for any of this, you can go weeks without any positive responses or have two women show they’re interested within an hour.  Consistency is the key, and of course letting go of any expectation as to when and how it’s all supposed to happen.