Sunday, December 29, 2013

Go Where the Lust Is

Everyone has their tastes and preferences, and while you’ve come a long way, there is simply nothing you can do if a woman doesn’t click with you on that instant, primal level.  Its there or its not, and if its not you need to respect that and leave it be.  However, it is important that you give yourself as much opportunity as possible to make that connection happen.

It is important to know who your potential audience is and make sure you’re as attractive and accessible to them as possible.  While you don’t have to take out a second mortgage for new clothes and other appearance enhancements, spending time on how you will look to someone you’re interested in is time well spent.  As we mentioned earlier, getting the suggestions of your women friends is always a good idea.  It’s easy, since women generally think men can barely dress themselves, so they are happy to give their suggestions.  Be smart and follow them, they know what they are talking about and you are getting the exact information you need. Get feedback on your most and least attractive physical assets, and take them to heart as we are all not very objective with ourselves.  You’ll have to enhance the positive and downplay the negatives.  It will feel odd and uncomfortable at first, but remember, if you want to be a Good Bad Boy, you will have to sacrifice some old ideas about how you should appear in the world to make yourself more attractive to a bigger slice of the female population.  The first impression you make on someone is your appearance, and while you could overcome a lack in appearance eventually with charm and panache, it’s far easier to look well turned out, and build your charming style on top of that. 

I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve run into a very cute woman in my free time and began to engage her in conversation, but since I left the house unshaven or poorly dressed, I had to start from a weaker vantage point.  I had to work extra hard to overcome those negatives that I didn’t take a few minutes to address at home.  Ultimately, I overcame them, but why make a tough challenge even harder? 

Bottom line is you never know when you are going to run into a very special woman, so you should always be prepared.  It adds to you as opposed to having to counter something negative, so you’re working smart for yourself.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Evolving as a Good Bad Boy

After spending some time practicing and interacting with women in the Good Bad Boy way, your level of physical and sexual confidence will increase significantly after a short period of time.  Women will still have many mysteries about them, but at least you’ll be much more aware and able to connect with them physically and sexually in a very confident manner. 

The knowledge you have learned and developed through practice and heightened awareness is precious and powerful.  What you have to also bear in mind is that there are a lot of responsibilities that come with this knowledge, and how you behave from here will say a lot about you, and whether you truly evolve into a Good Bad Boy.

Being a Good Bad Boy is much more than being an attentive, skilled and confident lover.  Be assured, those attributes are necessary and very valuable, but who you are and your attitude around all of it is every bit as important. 

While you may have caught the attentions of women in a special way, that doesn’t automatically make you Mr. Desirable to every woman that’s out there.   Guys in general are attracted to a wide range of women, whereas women are much more selective.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

More Mentality

The concept to understand here is the delicate but crucial balance of being a naughty seducer, a Bad Boy, yet providing an environment where a woman will feel safe with you, emotionally and physically.  This balance is Naughty AND Nice.  Your Inner Nice Guy provides the safe environment--you already know that drill--and the Good Bad Boy comes in and starts pushing buttons and turning dials with his lover and sees what results come from it.  Be playful with your words, but always try to enhance the moment, let her know you’re a Good Bad Boy in word and deed.  Getting her to confirm your observations on what a bad girl she is almost always is a good place to start.

Sometimes a woman wants no part of hearing what you have to say, it’s more a distraction than enhancement.  As with experimenting physically, there will be things that cause fireworks and things you say that will not work at all.  If this is the case, she’s not someone who responds to verbal play, so you’ll just have to explore further and find all those things that do get her really hot and bothered.  There are worse crosses to bear, believe me.

The biggest point of all of this is that there is a strong chemistry developing between the two of you, and your responsibility is to be observant, and act on what you discover.  As stated earlier, Good Bad Boys are always students, there is always more to learn, and keeping your mind open, a willingness to experiment and try different things will move you down the path of Good Bad Boy evolvement very quickly.  Just keep practicing, and learning and discovering.  This will be a very rewarding endeavor for you and the women in your life.  While it all may seem a bit much and you may feel clumsy at first, each time you will gain more and more knowledge, and your confidence and self esteem will grow.  You will feel great about yourself and learn to love flirting and knowing women more intimately. Try everything, and go with the flow and accept with grace what works and what doesn’t. 

Life will become very, very good.   


Thursday, December 12, 2013

Going Mental

Once you feel you are on solid ground from a physical standpoint, you have an opportunity to add a very exciting dimension to your interactions.  This is an area that can be hugely rewarding to experiment with by bridging the gap between the physical and the mental.  It’s often been said that the most important sex organ is the mind, so time to explore it. 

While you are doing your happy duty physically and she is writhing around from your skilled actions, there is a festival of fantasies playing around in her head.  It’s not that she’s disengaged from you; women just add this element for themselves, particularly when their heads are thrown back and eyes closed.  They are on their journey, in a hot space that their fantasy minds create.  Men usually are engaged on the sexual activity going on right in front of them, women rely more on what’s in their mind and body.  Sure, they go back and forth and check in on what’s going on in that moment between you and her, but it is usually to add fuel to the fire that’s already going on between their ears.  Now is a great time for you to not only join that fun party going on up there, but to make it even more of a turn on for her.

Adding to the mental aspect of sex is most easily done verbally, and being an added dimension, the stakes get higher, things are more challenging, but the rewards are greater as well.  So, as lovemaking is an art form, here is a chance to expand your creativity. As you become more comfortable with your physical lovemaking abilities, start experimenting with different dimensions, and the verbal aspect is the best place to start.  By engaging her in ‘conversation’ it will just add to the heat of things.  Avoid having this word play be anything deep or something she’ll have to think about replying to you don’t want her mind off of all the other fun things that are going on.  Remember, Less is More. 

The specifics of what the two of you say can be far ranging, but you can always start with statements such as “You’re a naughty little girl, aren’t you?” and other innocuous, yet spicy comments that will usually elicit a simple, breathy “Yes!” from her.  You want your words to add to the mix, not take over or get in the way of anything that’s going on. 

Try not to be cheesy about it, although if you say something that just has her bust out in laughter, which could easily happen, just laugh along for a moment, then get back to the physical matter at hand.  A little laughter together through this is a good way to connect, sex should be fun, and so many men take it so seriously and put huge amounts of pressure on themselves, and their partners. 

Do your part to keep the fun in it all.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Hanging in the Sex Zone

Let things flow naturally, and take a lot of time doing this.  Also, you must learn how to be comfortable with the sensations in your body and not letting them overtake you.  One of the most pleasurable feelings I’ve experienced is being on the brink of orgasm – and staying there for as long as possible.  It’s hugely satisfying, almost as much as a climax and it lasts a whole lot longer.  I just relax, close my eyes and try to ‘get inside’ my body, just feeling everything, and thinking as little as possible, and maintaining a steady rhythm throughout. 

The key here is for you to find that ‘space’ that you can stay in physically, while all this sexually charged stuff is happening.  Once you arrive there, you will know it, and relax there for a long time and enjoy all that is happening, because this is the physical place where all skilled lovers spend as much time as they can.  However you do it, and there are as many ways to do it as there are men, get proficient at this as soon as possible.  Women value men who have sexual self control very highly and those boys that don’t are relegated to the slag heap of non-performers.  Become skilled at this and the woman or women in your life will be very happy with you.  A general Good Bad Boy rule is make sure you bring your woman to climax first, and then it’s your turn – ladies first, as any gentleman would tell you.  If she’s multi-orgasmic, lucky you and you’ll just have to wait until she’s had her fill of you – hardly a sacrifice.  You’ve worked very hard to get to this place that feels really good, in many respects.  Reward yourself by making it last as long as possible.  The rewards will be great.

This is just a smaller, self –knowing aspect of the bigger topic of physical knowledge.  You have already spent time finding out some of the physical places that turn a woman on, and getting to know your body more intimately and getting comfortable with it.  Now that a foundation has been established, just simply explore and experiment from there.  Try different things as an easy, natural extension of where you are at.  Sex is a big playground; find what works, and what doesn’t, between the two of you.  This is one fact finding expedition you will love to be on.