Sunday, December 1, 2013

Hanging in the Sex Zone

Let things flow naturally, and take a lot of time doing this.  Also, you must learn how to be comfortable with the sensations in your body and not letting them overtake you.  One of the most pleasurable feelings I’ve experienced is being on the brink of orgasm – and staying there for as long as possible.  It’s hugely satisfying, almost as much as a climax and it lasts a whole lot longer.  I just relax, close my eyes and try to ‘get inside’ my body, just feeling everything, and thinking as little as possible, and maintaining a steady rhythm throughout. 

The key here is for you to find that ‘space’ that you can stay in physically, while all this sexually charged stuff is happening.  Once you arrive there, you will know it, and relax there for a long time and enjoy all that is happening, because this is the physical place where all skilled lovers spend as much time as they can.  However you do it, and there are as many ways to do it as there are men, get proficient at this as soon as possible.  Women value men who have sexual self control very highly and those boys that don’t are relegated to the slag heap of non-performers.  Become skilled at this and the woman or women in your life will be very happy with you.  A general Good Bad Boy rule is make sure you bring your woman to climax first, and then it’s your turn – ladies first, as any gentleman would tell you.  If she’s multi-orgasmic, lucky you and you’ll just have to wait until she’s had her fill of you – hardly a sacrifice.  You’ve worked very hard to get to this place that feels really good, in many respects.  Reward yourself by making it last as long as possible.  The rewards will be great.

This is just a smaller, self –knowing aspect of the bigger topic of physical knowledge.  You have already spent time finding out some of the physical places that turn a woman on, and getting to know your body more intimately and getting comfortable with it.  Now that a foundation has been established, just simply explore and experiment from there.  Try different things as an easy, natural extension of where you are at.  Sex is a big playground; find what works, and what doesn’t, between the two of you.  This is one fact finding expedition you will love to be on. 

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