Thursday, December 12, 2013

Going Mental

Once you feel you are on solid ground from a physical standpoint, you have an opportunity to add a very exciting dimension to your interactions.  This is an area that can be hugely rewarding to experiment with by bridging the gap between the physical and the mental.  It’s often been said that the most important sex organ is the mind, so time to explore it. 

While you are doing your happy duty physically and she is writhing around from your skilled actions, there is a festival of fantasies playing around in her head.  It’s not that she’s disengaged from you; women just add this element for themselves, particularly when their heads are thrown back and eyes closed.  They are on their journey, in a hot space that their fantasy minds create.  Men usually are engaged on the sexual activity going on right in front of them, women rely more on what’s in their mind and body.  Sure, they go back and forth and check in on what’s going on in that moment between you and her, but it is usually to add fuel to the fire that’s already going on between their ears.  Now is a great time for you to not only join that fun party going on up there, but to make it even more of a turn on for her.

Adding to the mental aspect of sex is most easily done verbally, and being an added dimension, the stakes get higher, things are more challenging, but the rewards are greater as well.  So, as lovemaking is an art form, here is a chance to expand your creativity. As you become more comfortable with your physical lovemaking abilities, start experimenting with different dimensions, and the verbal aspect is the best place to start.  By engaging her in ‘conversation’ it will just add to the heat of things.  Avoid having this word play be anything deep or something she’ll have to think about replying to you don’t want her mind off of all the other fun things that are going on.  Remember, Less is More. 

The specifics of what the two of you say can be far ranging, but you can always start with statements such as “You’re a naughty little girl, aren’t you?” and other innocuous, yet spicy comments that will usually elicit a simple, breathy “Yes!” from her.  You want your words to add to the mix, not take over or get in the way of anything that’s going on. 

Try not to be cheesy about it, although if you say something that just has her bust out in laughter, which could easily happen, just laugh along for a moment, then get back to the physical matter at hand.  A little laughter together through this is a good way to connect, sex should be fun, and so many men take it so seriously and put huge amounts of pressure on themselves, and their partners. 

Do your part to keep the fun in it all.

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