Sunday, December 15, 2013

More Mentality

The concept to understand here is the delicate but crucial balance of being a naughty seducer, a Bad Boy, yet providing an environment where a woman will feel safe with you, emotionally and physically.  This balance is Naughty AND Nice.  Your Inner Nice Guy provides the safe environment--you already know that drill--and the Good Bad Boy comes in and starts pushing buttons and turning dials with his lover and sees what results come from it.  Be playful with your words, but always try to enhance the moment, let her know you’re a Good Bad Boy in word and deed.  Getting her to confirm your observations on what a bad girl she is almost always is a good place to start.

Sometimes a woman wants no part of hearing what you have to say, it’s more a distraction than enhancement.  As with experimenting physically, there will be things that cause fireworks and things you say that will not work at all.  If this is the case, she’s not someone who responds to verbal play, so you’ll just have to explore further and find all those things that do get her really hot and bothered.  There are worse crosses to bear, believe me.

The biggest point of all of this is that there is a strong chemistry developing between the two of you, and your responsibility is to be observant, and act on what you discover.  As stated earlier, Good Bad Boys are always students, there is always more to learn, and keeping your mind open, a willingness to experiment and try different things will move you down the path of Good Bad Boy evolvement very quickly.  Just keep practicing, and learning and discovering.  This will be a very rewarding endeavor for you and the women in your life.  While it all may seem a bit much and you may feel clumsy at first, each time you will gain more and more knowledge, and your confidence and self esteem will grow.  You will feel great about yourself and learn to love flirting and knowing women more intimately. Try everything, and go with the flow and accept with grace what works and what doesn’t. 

Life will become very, very good.   


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