Sunday, December 22, 2013

Evolving as a Good Bad Boy

After spending some time practicing and interacting with women in the Good Bad Boy way, your level of physical and sexual confidence will increase significantly after a short period of time.  Women will still have many mysteries about them, but at least you’ll be much more aware and able to connect with them physically and sexually in a very confident manner. 

The knowledge you have learned and developed through practice and heightened awareness is precious and powerful.  What you have to also bear in mind is that there are a lot of responsibilities that come with this knowledge, and how you behave from here will say a lot about you, and whether you truly evolve into a Good Bad Boy.

Being a Good Bad Boy is much more than being an attentive, skilled and confident lover.  Be assured, those attributes are necessary and very valuable, but who you are and your attitude around all of it is every bit as important. 

While you may have caught the attentions of women in a special way, that doesn’t automatically make you Mr. Desirable to every woman that’s out there.   Guys in general are attracted to a wide range of women, whereas women are much more selective.

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