Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Are You Sure - Of Yourself?

Part of the problem is societal; men have been given very mixed messages for the past 45 years. Being aggressive or dominant with a woman in matters of romance has been 'politically incorrect' for quite some time.

The bad news is, the evolved women out there that are very much in tune with their sexuality are waiting for a man that is so sure of himself that he doesn't succumb to the mores or whims of society.

He acts from within, from a place of authenticity. He is the strong, romantic, swashbuckling man, ready to seduce the beautiful maiden when the moment presents itself. It sounds so simple - but until a man realizes just how to behave in a manner that will really make him the object of desire in a woman's eyes - he will flounder in the Dating Seas forever. It is time to finally understand how to negotiate these treacherous waters....

Monday, November 26, 2012

Getting the Attention of Beautiful, Sexy Women....

Why nice guys finish last.......

You're a nice guy; a decent guy. You were taught to respect women and you make every effort to do so. You show up on time; since being late is discourteous and sends a message to a woman that you’re indifferent, or worse, don’t really care about her. Politeness is something that you practice with a religious fervor, since being rude will never be well received by any woman.

Inherently, you’re very patient with the women in your life, knowing they are more sensitive than you and are subject to emotional highs and lows that are sometimes beyond their control. Aware of this, you understand these situations, almost to a fault. All in all, you’ve tried your hardest to become reliable, available and basically ‘be there’ when women have needed you.

So, why is it that when you try to segue from being Mr. Nice Guy to engaging a woman on a more physical and sexual level, complete and utter failure is instead your companion every time?

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Turn Off the Projector, Please.......

Projection is also ugly. Any woman would feel you had an expectation of sex if she discovered your fantasy projection, and you should consider her long gone if that happens. And rightly so. You've cheated both of you out of building up anticipation and stoking the fire of a realistic expectation.

Trust me, you are not that smart to know all the possibilities that could happen between you and another woman, so it's best to stay out of it altogether. Your job is to be the best Good Bad Boy you can become, and let her come to you. I can assure you, this will be much more satisfying than any sophomoric fantasy that courses through your imagination.

Remember, a woman wants to feel unique, treasured, valued and honored. You do this by staying in the moment, and letting the electricity between the two of you build slowly through your actions and your words.

You rob a woman of that special journey by projecting, and she will never adore you unless you take her on that trip. Let it happen on its own, it will be much more special built moment to moment than prefabricated in the limitations of you mind.

It's true; your mind is a very dangerous neighborhood you should never visit by yourself......

Monday, November 19, 2012

What Were You Expecting....?

The male mind, when presented with any possibility of fun, frolic or potential profit, is held at bay about as easily as a thoroughbred chomping at the bit in the gate moments before the starting bell. The faintest whiff of potential intimacy with a female and a fellow already has the whole scenario mapped out in his mind. Any male who tells you he's never done this is a flat out liar, including myself.

While playing out a fantasy scenario in your mind might seem like fun while you're doing it, you would well advised to keep that unlikely set of events right there in your head. I'm willing to bet that the amount of fantasy scenarios that you cooked up in your head that actually came true is probably somewhere between slim and none. Additionally, not only is all that mental energy wasted on something that likely will ever happen, you've probably not considered the amount of potential and permanent damage you could do to every encounter with the opposite sex.

This lousy tendency is better known as Projection. Consider this to be in the top five habits to always avoid when interacting with women. There's many reasons why this is, and following are a few examples.

Firstly, no one likes to feel they are being taken for granted. If you've already mapped out how a woman is going to act around you sexually and the whys and wherefores of all the aspects of your encounter, you've dismissed anything she has to say or how she feels about anything. You don't even know this woman yet, but that hasn't stopped you from flying down the road thinking what it all will feel like when she's finally undressed. Good Bad Boys avoid this mindset at all costs, and frankly resent it, since it gives all guys a bad name and makes their goals that much harder to attain.

Additionally, it's a very selfish and uninspired way to think, it's what a boy would do. Your goal here is to become a confident MAN.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Hopeful Expectations.....

The difficulty is, most people confuse Hope with Expectation. This is a common error made by many people, but a Good Bad Boy is well aware of the important distinction between the two. Hope can be viewed as looking forward to a happening, be it meeting another person for the first time or simply going to a movie. What is important to remember when you are in hope mode, you are completely detached from the outcome of what happens. When you approach any situation with expectations, you are hanging your hopes on a specific outcome, and much more often than not, that outcome doesn’t pan out. Expectation is completely tied to a specific situation having a specific outcome, and by limiting the world and the experiences it has to offer offer to that tiny, tiny target you want it all to hit – well, it’s easy to see why this all leads to Disappointment. But more on that unhappy topic later.

By completely detaching from the outcome of any situation or encounter, you keep Hope intact. More importantly, you allow the possibility of outcomes that you never would have anticipated if your held your happiness hostage to a specific result. You may think yourself a smart, clever person, but to think that you can cover all the possibilities that the universe may throw at you for any given situation is pure hubris. Why not take yourself out of the whole equation and let what's supposed to happen - just simply happen? You relieve yourself of all the wasted thinking about what might be, and allow for the possibility to be pleasantly surprised by what the world has to offer to you. You just need to get out of the way and let it happen.

By getting out of the way, you allow for a freer flow of circumstances. You've not pinned all your happiness to a very narrow, specific and very unlikely scope of an outcome. Let what's supposed to happen happen, Good Bad Boys just be themselves and get out of the way of The Fates. You would be wise to do the same.

This opens up a wide arena of counting on your emotions and getting out of your head, and follow the lead of the females that we all love so much. Unfortunately it will not be easy. However, if you are truly detached from the outcome of what is supposed to happen, you can sit across from an unbelievably sexy and beautiful woman, and not have your mind stray. You will be able to look her in the eyes and not have your eyes wander to other parts of her physique. You will be engaged in conversation and genuinely interested in knowing her more, and not even thinking about what sex might be like with her.

Yes, you're correct. You're not even close to being ready for that. We have so much more work to do........

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Hope This Helps.....

As a male, or anyone for that matter, approaching any new encounter with the opposite sex is fraught with potential missteps. This new woman you’re meeting is a blond, and who could forget the problems you had with the last blond you tried to be intimate with. All the redheads you’ve met are either crazy or completely aloof. And on it goes, myths and legends that are completely without merit and add to the noise of a world already too lousy with useless information. As mentioned earlier, you must wipe the slate clean when it’s time for a new encounter, all of your negative past experiences must go away. That doesn’t mean you should forget any lessons you’ve learned from painful experiences, the knowledge is important. Carry forward the information, not the emotions that surround it. The key to being able to approach any new meeting with the opposite sex is that you must retain a healthy level of Hope.

Hope is a very important component to anyone’s life, and one should always maintain a good level of it. It is normal and healthy to have hopes, wishes and desires. When the tank runs dry on hope, life becomes much harder to live and is quite unpleasant, as many people, including myself, have experienced somewhere in their lifetime. Hope helps move you forward, helps bring the anticipation of a magic moment to fruition, and in general is the most important fuel that is running the engine of your life. One always needs something good to look forward to, that there will be something or someone that will expand your life experience.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Who Are You?

I always love using the line when describing myself 'I know when to be a gentleman, and I know when to be anything but.' This is a statement that can apply to any Good Bad Boy, but in the learning process of how to become one, being proficient at being a gentleman is essential. And the very tricky part of it is not what you do, that will take care of itself later. We have to start with who you are.

We discussed earlier how women are like snowflakes and that every woman has qualities and aspects to her that are unique and belong to no one else. A gentleman approaches any new encounter with a woman with a special sense of wonder and excitement, like it's the first warm day to go out and play after a long winter. Any past baggage or assumptions that are brought to a new encounter will hamstring you completely. You have to learn to wipe the slate clean, and make this woman feel like she's the first one you've ever met.

Now, that will take some practice.....

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Time to Be a Gentleman

For better or worse, it takes time to become a gentleman, and if there's any hope of becoming a Good Bad Boy, you must realize that at the core of every Good Bad Boy is a true gentleman. this is a person who truly loves and understands women - at least as much as any man will be able to. No straight man will ever unlock all the mysteries womanhood, and that's a good thing. We always want more to discover when it comes to women. It would be a sad day indeed if there was nothing more to find out, and that applies to people in general.

So, at the core of a gentleman is someone kind and caring. Yes, I know many of you have girded your loins and armored yourselves emotionally for the Battle Between the Sexes. However, there is no need for that. At the very core, women are won over on kindness, caring and consideration. These elements are must haves on the list of qualities you are going to bring to the table. Remember, who you are is what matters, what you do is secondary to an evolved woman, unless of course the two meld together in a very interesting way.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Shut Up and Be a Gentleman

I suppose the fact that being polite is so basic and easy is that most men either take it for granted or worse, forget about it completely. Remember, a key motivation in your actions as a Good Bad Boy is to separate yourself from the wandering herd of unwashed cattle out there known as single men.

Simply, be a gentleman. Smile and look here in the eyes, but do not stare intensely or act weird. Be attentive, listen and respond genuinely to what she says. Don't talk too much. Almost all men talk too much, and I have to bust myself on that one as well. It's a nervous reaction, but relax and be yourself. Women are usually much more charmed with your little faults than they are impressed with your accomplishments.
Ask her about whom she is, not what she does, and make sure you understand the difference between the two. Make sure when you do talk, discuss who you are, not where you work. Interesting, beautiful women have heard all the accomplishments in the world from all those successful guys that can't get an appropriate date. Be gentle in your words and deliberate in your touch - and don't touch too soon, grabby paws. Make a beautiful impression, and have her think about you long after you've left. That is always the goal of a Good Bad Boy with a first encounter of a woman he wants to know better. Give her what she desires at first, and let her run with it.

Ah well, I fear learning to be a gentleman may take a little more than this one hopeful posting....

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Be Polite - DAMMIT!

Being polite is very simple. The easiest way to be polite is to stop all that useless thinking that has been going on to this point, and pay attention. While many may groan at the notion of opening a door or offering any kind assistance to a woman, regardless of whether she needs it or not, the effort you make is what will gain you notice. Show that you are attentive. Yes, that means you have to pay attention. That also means you have to be aware of what's going on around you. In other words, stop running scenarios through your head or whatever other dopey activity is going on up there in regard to women and become present in the moment you are living - now! Forget all about what's happened before or what you're cooking up for what might be (it never works out that way anyway). Maybe we should play some poker for a moment.

With poker, you must play the cards you are dealt, unless you're a master at bluffing. In relating with women, bluffing is out of the question, you are learning to be a Good Bad Boy which entails being true to yourself and proud of it. Trying to make a pair of deuces sound like a Full House often comes up short in poker, and it always will be called in dating. If you get a great hand, be grateful and play it carefully. If you are dealt lousy cards, throw them in, there will be more cards soon.

And this relates to women, how? If you are polite, pay attention, LISTEN and make a connection with a lovely women, you've just been dealt three Aces. If you act like a gentleman yet there is still no chemistry, throw in the cards. Don't over think this, or anything else for that matter.