Friday, November 16, 2012

Hopeful Expectations.....

The difficulty is, most people confuse Hope with Expectation. This is a common error made by many people, but a Good Bad Boy is well aware of the important distinction between the two. Hope can be viewed as looking forward to a happening, be it meeting another person for the first time or simply going to a movie. What is important to remember when you are in hope mode, you are completely detached from the outcome of what happens. When you approach any situation with expectations, you are hanging your hopes on a specific outcome, and much more often than not, that outcome doesn’t pan out. Expectation is completely tied to a specific situation having a specific outcome, and by limiting the world and the experiences it has to offer offer to that tiny, tiny target you want it all to hit – well, it’s easy to see why this all leads to Disappointment. But more on that unhappy topic later.

By completely detaching from the outcome of any situation or encounter, you keep Hope intact. More importantly, you allow the possibility of outcomes that you never would have anticipated if your held your happiness hostage to a specific result. You may think yourself a smart, clever person, but to think that you can cover all the possibilities that the universe may throw at you for any given situation is pure hubris. Why not take yourself out of the whole equation and let what's supposed to happen - just simply happen? You relieve yourself of all the wasted thinking about what might be, and allow for the possibility to be pleasantly surprised by what the world has to offer to you. You just need to get out of the way and let it happen.

By getting out of the way, you allow for a freer flow of circumstances. You've not pinned all your happiness to a very narrow, specific and very unlikely scope of an outcome. Let what's supposed to happen happen, Good Bad Boys just be themselves and get out of the way of The Fates. You would be wise to do the same.

This opens up a wide arena of counting on your emotions and getting out of your head, and follow the lead of the females that we all love so much. Unfortunately it will not be easy. However, if you are truly detached from the outcome of what is supposed to happen, you can sit across from an unbelievably sexy and beautiful woman, and not have your mind stray. You will be able to look her in the eyes and not have your eyes wander to other parts of her physique. You will be engaged in conversation and genuinely interested in knowing her more, and not even thinking about what sex might be like with her.

Yes, you're correct. You're not even close to being ready for that. We have so much more work to do........

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