Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Time to Be a Gentleman

For better or worse, it takes time to become a gentleman, and if there's any hope of becoming a Good Bad Boy, you must realize that at the core of every Good Bad Boy is a true gentleman. this is a person who truly loves and understands women - at least as much as any man will be able to. No straight man will ever unlock all the mysteries womanhood, and that's a good thing. We always want more to discover when it comes to women. It would be a sad day indeed if there was nothing more to find out, and that applies to people in general.

So, at the core of a gentleman is someone kind and caring. Yes, I know many of you have girded your loins and armored yourselves emotionally for the Battle Between the Sexes. However, there is no need for that. At the very core, women are won over on kindness, caring and consideration. These elements are must haves on the list of qualities you are going to bring to the table. Remember, who you are is what matters, what you do is secondary to an evolved woman, unless of course the two meld together in a very interesting way.

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