Monday, November 19, 2012

What Were You Expecting....?

The male mind, when presented with any possibility of fun, frolic or potential profit, is held at bay about as easily as a thoroughbred chomping at the bit in the gate moments before the starting bell. The faintest whiff of potential intimacy with a female and a fellow already has the whole scenario mapped out in his mind. Any male who tells you he's never done this is a flat out liar, including myself.

While playing out a fantasy scenario in your mind might seem like fun while you're doing it, you would well advised to keep that unlikely set of events right there in your head. I'm willing to bet that the amount of fantasy scenarios that you cooked up in your head that actually came true is probably somewhere between slim and none. Additionally, not only is all that mental energy wasted on something that likely will ever happen, you've probably not considered the amount of potential and permanent damage you could do to every encounter with the opposite sex.

This lousy tendency is better known as Projection. Consider this to be in the top five habits to always avoid when interacting with women. There's many reasons why this is, and following are a few examples.

Firstly, no one likes to feel they are being taken for granted. If you've already mapped out how a woman is going to act around you sexually and the whys and wherefores of all the aspects of your encounter, you've dismissed anything she has to say or how she feels about anything. You don't even know this woman yet, but that hasn't stopped you from flying down the road thinking what it all will feel like when she's finally undressed. Good Bad Boys avoid this mindset at all costs, and frankly resent it, since it gives all guys a bad name and makes their goals that much harder to attain.

Additionally, it's a very selfish and uninspired way to think, it's what a boy would do. Your goal here is to become a confident MAN.

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