Sunday, November 11, 2012

Who Are You?

I always love using the line when describing myself 'I know when to be a gentleman, and I know when to be anything but.' This is a statement that can apply to any Good Bad Boy, but in the learning process of how to become one, being proficient at being a gentleman is essential. And the very tricky part of it is not what you do, that will take care of itself later. We have to start with who you are.

We discussed earlier how women are like snowflakes and that every woman has qualities and aspects to her that are unique and belong to no one else. A gentleman approaches any new encounter with a woman with a special sense of wonder and excitement, like it's the first warm day to go out and play after a long winter. Any past baggage or assumptions that are brought to a new encounter will hamstring you completely. You have to learn to wipe the slate clean, and make this woman feel like she's the first one you've ever met.

Now, that will take some practice.....

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