Monday, November 5, 2012

Shut Up and Be a Gentleman

I suppose the fact that being polite is so basic and easy is that most men either take it for granted or worse, forget about it completely. Remember, a key motivation in your actions as a Good Bad Boy is to separate yourself from the wandering herd of unwashed cattle out there known as single men.

Simply, be a gentleman. Smile and look here in the eyes, but do not stare intensely or act weird. Be attentive, listen and respond genuinely to what she says. Don't talk too much. Almost all men talk too much, and I have to bust myself on that one as well. It's a nervous reaction, but relax and be yourself. Women are usually much more charmed with your little faults than they are impressed with your accomplishments.
Ask her about whom she is, not what she does, and make sure you understand the difference between the two. Make sure when you do talk, discuss who you are, not where you work. Interesting, beautiful women have heard all the accomplishments in the world from all those successful guys that can't get an appropriate date. Be gentle in your words and deliberate in your touch - and don't touch too soon, grabby paws. Make a beautiful impression, and have her think about you long after you've left. That is always the goal of a Good Bad Boy with a first encounter of a woman he wants to know better. Give her what she desires at first, and let her run with it.

Ah well, I fear learning to be a gentleman may take a little more than this one hopeful posting....

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