Monday, November 26, 2012

Getting the Attention of Beautiful, Sexy Women....

Why nice guys finish last.......

You're a nice guy; a decent guy. You were taught to respect women and you make every effort to do so. You show up on time; since being late is discourteous and sends a message to a woman that you’re indifferent, or worse, don’t really care about her. Politeness is something that you practice with a religious fervor, since being rude will never be well received by any woman.

Inherently, you’re very patient with the women in your life, knowing they are more sensitive than you and are subject to emotional highs and lows that are sometimes beyond their control. Aware of this, you understand these situations, almost to a fault. All in all, you’ve tried your hardest to become reliable, available and basically ‘be there’ when women have needed you.

So, why is it that when you try to segue from being Mr. Nice Guy to engaging a woman on a more physical and sexual level, complete and utter failure is instead your companion every time?

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