Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Hope This Helps.....

As a male, or anyone for that matter, approaching any new encounter with the opposite sex is fraught with potential missteps. This new woman you’re meeting is a blond, and who could forget the problems you had with the last blond you tried to be intimate with. All the redheads you’ve met are either crazy or completely aloof. And on it goes, myths and legends that are completely without merit and add to the noise of a world already too lousy with useless information. As mentioned earlier, you must wipe the slate clean when it’s time for a new encounter, all of your negative past experiences must go away. That doesn’t mean you should forget any lessons you’ve learned from painful experiences, the knowledge is important. Carry forward the information, not the emotions that surround it. The key to being able to approach any new meeting with the opposite sex is that you must retain a healthy level of Hope.

Hope is a very important component to anyone’s life, and one should always maintain a good level of it. It is normal and healthy to have hopes, wishes and desires. When the tank runs dry on hope, life becomes much harder to live and is quite unpleasant, as many people, including myself, have experienced somewhere in their lifetime. Hope helps move you forward, helps bring the anticipation of a magic moment to fruition, and in general is the most important fuel that is running the engine of your life. One always needs something good to look forward to, that there will be something or someone that will expand your life experience.

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