Friday, May 10, 2013

Being Cogent

When a woman returns your look and your smile it is a good sign, a welcome and friendly return to your flirtation.  However, remember that this doesn’t mean that you’re home free and a sexy first date is moments away! 

She may just be a flirtatious girl who’s already attached that likes this kind of attention, she’ll smile back at you as she walks on her way and gets on with the rest of her life.  She also may just be polite and friendly and enjoy the interplay. 

Just because a woman returns your smile and is friendly in return doesn’t mean she’s thinking on the same plane you are.  To really determine a potential match, it is now essential to engage a potential date in some light conversation.

You can have all the eye contact, smiling and flirtation you desire, but you have to open your mouth and have some meaningful words come out of it if you’re to achieve any level of intimacy.  Again, as stressed throughout this book, keep the conversation simple. 

A commentary on the weather, traffic, and goings on in the area, and so on is a good start, but being clever is always good.  You can even try a cheesy line like “If I had a nickel for every time I saw someone as beautiful as you, I'd have five cents” – as long as you deliver it in a charming manner with a smile – not with an agenda attached.   

You’ll have to think on your feet and try to be friendly, but if you think too much you’ll probably sink yourself.  Don’t over think, don’t assume anything, you will almost certainly kill any chance you have if you do.  Save the ‘get to know you’ questions for the first date, if you’re skilled enough to get there.  Your only task here is to determine if there is a mutual indication of interest, and you should know one way or the other after a short verbal exchange. 

Just be yourself! 

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