Monday, May 20, 2013

How Sexy is an Attitude....

Good Bad Boys are always seeking a woman who is sexy, and being sexy is completely independent of appearance.  Don’t be mistaken, a knockout hottie with a sexy attitude is incredible, but there are many people out there, men and women, that look amazing, but they are anything but sexy.  Sexy is an attitude, and it is carried by the owner with confidence.  Becoming a Good Bad Boy is all about having that sexy attitude.  You want to match up with a woman who understands that and operates from the same state of mind.  A big part of being sexy – and more importantly, unsexy--is what comes out of your mouth.

So you’re now at the green light, you’ve gotten a smile and an inviting look.  Go and say hi.  You’ll likely get a hello back, but likely little else, at least at first.  Attractive women get hit on all the time, and now you’ll have to differentiate yourself from those that fell down at this point.  For better or worse, this is an area that gets better with practice, although those that can think quickly on their feet and speak well will have an advantage. As mentioned earlier, you can trot out a corny line, but if you’re charming and sincere you can make it work.  You almost have to step outside of yourself and orchestrate the situation, think about your actions, words, what you’re to say, what you are hearing.  There is a reason why this is the stumbling block for so many, and why Good Bad Boys begin to separate themselves from others at this point.  The irony is, as important as this point is, acting and really believing that it is not that big deal at all will serve you well.  Just relax; the world will keep spinning, regardless of the outcome here. 
Be deliberate, do not rush, think a moment before you say anything, this will help your mystique.  A woman has decided that you’re attractive and she’s hoping there’s something interesting upstairs in your head that will want her to investigate further.   Don’t let her down!

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