Wednesday, May 8, 2013

You Are Not All That.....Yet

However, far more often than not, your friendly eye gesture and smile will not be returned to the level you probably hope.  Get used to the real life fact that you are not all things to all women out there, and most of them will not share your enthusiasm for a little get together to know each other better. 
Generally women will catch your eye, and then turn their stare away; sometimes they will even smile politely before they turn their attention elsewhere.  This is completely normal and to be expected, it is by no means an indication of your lack of skills or attractiveness. 
You don’t want to spend your time trying to get the attention of a woman that is not interested in you, regardless of how cute she is or how you think the two of you would get along great together – even though you’ve not even talked with her yet! 
This is just part of the process of getting you connected with a woman that is genuinely interested.  What you want is to find those women that are attracted to you, and they will let you know in the most simple of ways. 

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