Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Subtlety, Eye Contact and The Welcome

Flirtation is an art, and probably the single most important skill you must acquire and become proficient at if you are to be a Good Bad Boy. Flirtation can be one of the most fun and rewarding activities a man can do, if he does it from a balanced perspective with no fixed agenda. 

As with many other items, if you approach flirtation with preconceived notions and lofty expectations, you will probably end up very frustrated and feel completely outside of your own power.  Expert flirtation starts with the very simple, but key concept that’s been repeated throughout this book – Less Is More.

In all interactions with women it is always fatal if you appear to be trying too hard or are way too eager to please or make a favorable impression.   An important notion to always bear in mind is that if you appear unconcerned (do not confuse this with uninterested) at first that will pique the interest of a woman much faster than if you take a direct route.  Women have been getting hit on all their lives, and have heard it all, usually from guys without a clue. 

By simply a taking a contrary route, you'll get much, much further along.  The route you will take is flirtation, the Good Bad Boy way.  Flirtation is a ‘getting to know you’ process, but it involves pacing, subtlety, patience and the ability to think on your feet.

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