Sunday, April 14, 2013

Unconditional Giving

On the other side, giving has a number of dimensions.  We discussed in the previous chapter the importance of doing kind deeds without expectation of anything in return.  The same goes for giving.  Giving should be done unconditionally, simply because the act itself is one that makes you feel better, and consequently, makes the woman you’re involved with feel better as well.  Giving, in the Good Bad Boy’s thinking, is an extension of how he feels about the woman he’s involved with.  It’s an opportunity to manifest through actions the emotions that are there, and it is a very powerful form of expression. 

Although it is an impossible feat for most men to thoroughly understand women, one aspect of them that is required knowledge is that women are for the most part nurturers.  This means they are natural givers, and do so in a manner that is not about control, it’s just the way women are wired.  Being able to receive from them unconditionally is essential in maintaining a natural balance.  More importantly, it is a guy’s responsibility to give back to a woman to help balance the giving she is doing.  This means not only the small things like knowing and remembering things that are important to her, but going above and beyond expectations with surprises.  Surprises need not be material things, such as trinkets, flowers or other goodies, although they will always be welcome. 

A reliable way to surprise her is to break with the usual routine.  Get off work early and surprise her with the fact that you’ve cooked dinner and set a romantic mood for her to walk into.  This will always get a good reaction, unless you’re such a rotten chef that you’ve burned the crown roast.  No matter, you’ve made the effort and started an evening that will segue nicely when you then take her out to dinner at a restaurant.  Taking these steps shows that you do not take a woman for granted, and that’s she’s appreciated.  And by giving, you get to keep the flow of circulation that is essential to the Circle of Giving and Receiving.  Breaking with routine is good to practice on a regular basis, but don’t overdo it.  The value of being consistent with your words and deeds should never be underestimated. Be consistent but don’t get into a rut with your routine. 

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