Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Balancing Act.....

The next important principal in harmonizing your masculine and feminine sides is learning about the balance between giving and receiving.  On the surface, giving and receiving seems simple enough, but be assured that it is quite challenging.  This is a highly important area as far as being clear on the inside and then translating those feelings and instincts into actions that go out into the world around you.  Again – Think Less and Feel More.

Step back and take a look at the outside world for a moment.  The ultimate authority in Nature is balance.  The size of a herd of animals is balanced against what the land can provide it and the predators that hunt it.   If any of these elements goes out of balance, the other elements are thrown off as well.  If there is not enough food for a herd off the land, the herd suffers loss and the predators have less for their own and they suffer as well.  If there is a lack of hunters, the herd gets too numerous, and the land cannot support them, suffers overuse and the herd overpopulates and can’t sustain itself.  Striking a balance allows for equilibrium between you and other women; an essential balance that has many layers.  Being able to effectively receive as well as give without condition is vitally important. 

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