Thursday, April 18, 2013

Forget Everything and Start Learning......

Unrealistic expectations are a big limitation on your thinking.  You’ve just met a new woman, and there’s a physical chemistry, a mutual attraction.  This is always a good start, but men usually drop the ball from here.   This woman has already gotten quite far being who she is, and your responsibility is to go find out exactly what that is.  Likely she’ll be a whole lot more interesting and appealing than the limited ideal you had to begin with.  Don’t ever underestimate the importance of a bright, cute woman who thinks you’re a big deal.  Think Less!  Open your mind and your heart might just follow it, if you’re lucky. 

By now you should have enough of an understanding of what women respond to positively and negatively to traverse further down the Good Bad Boy path.  Now is a very good opportunity to discuss something that every woman finds very desirable – confidence.

Before defining what confidence means, it’s smart to know exactly what it isn’t.  It isn’t bragging, boastfulness, conceit, self-importance, vanity, snobbery or arrogance.  Fall into any of these behavior characteristics and women will likely crinkle up their noses at the foul aroma your personality is emitting, turn on their heels and walk away.  If you don’t know what the difference between confidence and these other less than wholesome attributes are, you need to learn this distinction right now.

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