Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Importance of Trust

When the Good Bad Boy and Mr. Nice Guy are put side by side and interact in the proper manner, leading with their strengths, then we have the type of man that we want to become, and the man that many, many women really desire. This is a vital notion, because in regard to trust, a woman will be more than happy to play with a sexy boy, but she will only surrender her heart and soul--and trust--to a man who is genuine and authentic.

This real man is passionate.  In olden tales he was valiant and easily faced danger. His heart is that of a lion, strong, wild yet loyal to those close to him. The daring, dashing, swashbuckling guy that maybe doesn’t have it all figured out, but knew where he stood with women because he understood and loved them. 

Women yearn for this man and want to be swept away by him. Gain a woman’s trust and you’ve taken a giant step towards becoming this man.  This is the type of man that many of them will turn themselves over to willingly once that precious trust is gained.  It is an effort that all Good Bad Boys make and persevere through until they reach this goal, knowing how crucial it is in relation to everything that follows after it.  Now that the importance of acquiring a woman’s deep trust is understood, it is time to move on to the next area in our probing of the female consciousness.  

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