Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Confidence is Everything....

Confidence, as opposed to the above character defects, involves self-assurance.  It defines a feeling of emotional security derived from a faith in oneself.  Confidence is an instinctive certainty in your powers, capabilities and competence.  Having confidence means you don’t have to tell anyone how confident you are, it shows in your actions.  It has nothing to do with what you do in the outside world, but everything to do with who you are – on the inside.  

However, no male was born with confidence when it comes to females.  Some are lucky and gain it earlier than others, and others hide behind their possessions and accomplishments and pretend confidence.  Some never really gain it at all, and still manage to stumble into a relationship with a woman. 

Women find confidence in a man attractive, and they find a man that has confidence when it comes to women really attractive.  Since males are void of this confidence to begin with, how are they possibly expected to become skillful with women?  Confidence comes with doing things repeatedly and then finally reaching a point knowing you can accomplish what you’ve set out to do.  You have to practice, practice, practice – and then practice some more.   Good Bad Boys are always practicing, and as artists and students of women, are always honing their craft. 

‘Fine’, you say, ‘but what am I supposed to practice?’  Since you now have a very basic understanding of the behaviors that women find attractive and the traits they abhor, it’s time to venture out into the real world of pursuing women the Good Bad Boy Way.  With patience, you will do a significantly better job of gaining the attention of women than you have been doing before.  You are now going to boost your confidence in a way that you’ve never experienced before.  

You are now going to learn how to properly seduce a woman.

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