Saturday, June 1, 2013

Time to GO!

Alright, so you’ve had a short conversation with an attractive woman and you’re feeling some simpatico there.  There’s flirtation, lots of eye contact, lots of smiling, a few laughs – because you were of course clever and witty in your few precious sentences – and everything is going great.  So, now it’s time to leave! 

It is quite understandable that this is against every cell in your body that feels it has the green light to move forward into some serious fun and games. However, one of the most important aspects of the journey to becoming a Good Bad Boy is knowing how to build desire in a woman in any particular moment, and at this moment you have a huge opportunity to do so.  Anticipation is one of the most powerful aphrodisiacs, yet it is poorly understood and in our current society that puts so much emphasis on instant gratification, it is even more poorly utilized. 

You’ve made a great impression on this woman you’ve just met; now let it simmer with her for a few days.  You want her thinking about you, wondering a bit about you, as you will be wondering about her.  Just simply say something along the lines of “This has been really lovely.  I wish I had more time to speak with you further, but I have an appointment that I need to get to now.  I would love to take you out very soon and spend some more time getting to know you better.”  If all is going as it should, she will acknowledge the same and say that she would like that as well.  Ask her for her number and let her know you will give her a call tomorrow to discuss a mutual plan and date.  If you tell her you will call tomorrow, make damn sure you call tomorrow.  

Your actions and your words must always line up together, but it’s especially important in the first few days of any connection.  Good Bad Boys always work this way, without exception.  There is no reason to have words and deeds at odds with each other.  You will just appear flakey, and women will avoid you consistently.

Once you have the number, thank her, take her hand gently and drape it over yours as if you were to kiss her hand.  Don’t kiss it, that’s just too Victorian and weird these days, but take your other hand and gently put it over hers so that her hand is between both of yours and give it a gentle squeeze.  Look her straight in the eyes, give her a huge smile and wish her a wonderful day.  Then gently let her hand go, turn and walk away.  And do not look back at her, no matter how much validation you think you need!  You have made a huge step forward on the path of being a Good Bad Boy.  You’re learning how to be attractive to women, and how to win them over with your words and actions. 

Now that you’ve made it this far, you’re ready to take the next very fun filled step.

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