Thursday, June 27, 2013

Watch What You Say

As much as you may avoid it, you’ll have to show some sides of yourself.  One of my favorite hobbies involves vintage BMWs, and I’m fully aware that it’s not an interest shared by 99.9% of women out there.  However, I’m passionate about it, and it’s something I do because it comes from deep within me, having been around cars all through my youth.  A woman may not share the passion for the subject, but she will respond to how much I love it and how it’s important to me – they will feel how genuine it is. 

Do not be afraid to mention something you like to do, and that you love.  If you get a strange response to it, she’s not someone you’re going to want to invest a lot of time in anyway.  A really important aspect of these early moments in any relationship, regardless of what the parameters will eventually be, is getting to know who you are dealing with here.  Regardless of what fantasies are spinning around in your head at this time, you must pay attention to what is being said to you, and what actions you are seeing, both from within or as a response to what you are saying and doing.                       
Families are often a safe topic, and inquiries to any sisters, brothers, parents, where they are located, what they are up to is usually a good strategy.  You can glean a good amount of information from someone depending on their relationship with the rest of their family, and you can be sure she will be thinking the same thing about you as well. 

Particularly important from her standpoint is how your relationships are with your mother and sisters.  Rightly or wrongly, a woman will make suppositions based on what you tell her regarding your relationship with the female members of your family.  So, if there are any difficulties between you and your mom or sisters, now would be the time to soft pedal it.  Don’t lie about it, that’s never allowed, but there’s no need to get into any grisly details.  The last thing you want is to have family baggage become part of the mix this early in the game. 

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