Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Watch Your Mouth.....

Despite how clever you may think you are, the more you blab, the less likely you are to come off as being attractive.  It’s just simple numbers, you have a better chance of surviving walking through a field with one landmine as opposed to one hundred, and you should view your conversation as the same, you will have to try to have everything you say really count for something.  

For starters, always take notice of how she looks, and be complimentary.   Women always love getting compliments on their appearance, it’s something that’s hard to overdo.  Do not be a doofus and say something awful like “You look hot” while you gawk at her. 

A woman will be very pleasantly surprised by the level of attention you’re now paying to her and she will be very appreciative – and your stock will be rising quickly in her mind.


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