Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Becoming a Seduction Artist

You’ve managed to secure the attentions of a woman who would like to see you for a first date, which is an admirable accomplishment, but now your work really begins.  You have several days to get yourself into Good Bad Boy condition to be ready to move yourself and this potential lover onto the next level, and it will involve some planning.  Hopefully you’ve had some practice at setting up a first date, but we’ll go over it just to make sure.  

Firstly, you need to nail down a spot that will provide a proper setting for your first date – romantic, sexy, a seductive environment.  You may already know just the place, if not, with practice, you’ll have a list of these places in your head and not have to think twice about it.  Make sure it’s someplace that isn’t too loud or bright or crowded, too many distractions that interfere with making a strong one on one connection are to be avoided.  Hip, trendy places are usually too much of a ‘scene’, but places that were popular a year or more ago (provided they’re still in business), and are not as hot as they were many times is a great pick.  Additionally, places with a nice lounge as well as dining is a smart choice, and make dinner reservations for a half hour after you plan on showing up. 
You can start the evening in the lounge over cocktails and after chatting and flirting for a little while, you can transition right into a nice meal, if that’s what you both want at that moment.  The point here is to make sure you have all the bases covered, and be able to offer choices at any given point.  When you call your new acquaintance for your first get together, you want to offer several choices for her to choose from, as well as being open to take her to her favorite place, if she has one she likes to go to.  Women respond positively and are attracted to men who plan these things and make sure everything is already taken care of. 
Good Bad Boys try to plan ahead and cover as many contingences in advance as they can.  Women are attracted to a guy who has thought it all out ahead of time and has everything covered, because you took the time and made the effort to make the evening special for her.  Once you have agreed on a place, be sure to offer to pick her up and drive her there and back, one because it’s the Good Bad Boy way, and secondly it will help to make fulfilling the evening’s goal easier – which we’ll get to later. 
Often a woman will want to meet you at the restaurant instead of picking her up, which is an understandable safety reason since you are still a stranger. If that’s the case, meet her there and for goodness sakes, be on time.

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