Sunday, June 23, 2013

Gathering Information......

An important piece of information is a woman's availability status.  There is most definitely a right way and a wrong way to go about this.  Don’t ask if she’s dating anyone else, what she’s looking for, what online dating sites she’s currently on, how many Facebook friends she has, who is texting you now or any other ridiculous questions that will end the evening early for you.  A flirtatious way of going about it is to first thank her for coming out and being with you that evening, which shows gratitude. 

Next you can inquire as to why such a special, lovely, attractive, striking (pick one, don’t use them all) woman as herself is available.  After all, you rarely find that someone of her caliber is accessible (make sure you say this!) and you were curious about it.  Let her take it from there, she’ll likely say something along the lines of not finding the right guy yet, she’s been far too busy to date seriously, and so on.  While being flirtatious, it is a polite inquiry to her status, you actually do want to know if she’s just broken up with someone, ending a long marriage, or is a serial dater.  These factors will affect the course of actions later, or sooner as each case may be.

Now, it may seem like trying to fill a couple of hours hoping to enhance your attractiveness through your conversation is a huge task, but you will be surprised what happens when a topic of mutual interest comes up.  It all may seem like a frustrating form of twenty questions, but keep in mind what the goals are here, and that should help reinstate your incentive.  You will just have to endeavor to find the right conversational topics, and try to think more like the woman in front of you, as much as you can.  Make sure you avoid polarizing topics such as religion or politics, unless she happens to volunteer information and you are on the same page with her.  That is a green light to proceed on that subject.  If she happens to be a staunch conservative and you’re a liberal’s liberal, or vice versa, politely keep your mouth shut and keep those cards close to your vest. 

Differences like these can be problematic, but not always fatal, so let things play out.  Ask what she likes to do in her free time, and hopefully there is some common ground there. 

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