Thursday, January 10, 2013

This Just In.....Less Is More

Being all things to all people is impossible, but becoming a Good Bad Boy covers a lot of ground when it comes to most women.  A woman wants to be treated fairly and respectfully, romanced properly but also desires to have a man  romantically and sexually sweep her off her feet.  She wants a guy that is safe, reliable, someone she can count on, yet knows when it’s time to be a Bad Boy and ignite the flames of desire.  A Nice Guy only sees half of all this, a Good Bad Boy has learned from experience and the women in his life how to bridge this difficult rift.
The first concept that must be stressed is for men to do a whole lot less thinking – particularly when it comes to what they think works with women.  In place of all that wasted brain usage, we’ll take a lesson from women, and trust intuition.  So, bookmark this thought for later – Feel More and Think Less.  If you learn nothing else but that, you’ll still be miles ahead of the rest of the mob.  Feel More.  Think Less.

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