Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Being Good, Being Bad and What Women Really Want....

A big problem is when Mr. Nice Guy takes the lead role.  He has his place, and it’s an important one, but on the journey to being a Good Bad Boy, it is essential for a man to know when it is time to be nice and when it’s time to be ‘bad’.  They are to co-exist, dependent on each other, but like a good team, will not interfere with the other’s area of expertise.  Those defined areas will become clearer later on.  For now, its time to learn more about women.

What a woman really wants in a man can be written about and discussed from now until the end of time, but our focus is on one particular aspect within this subject.  If you know this fact, and then learn how to become adept within it, I can assure you the women in your life will be very happy, and therefore you will be as well.  And what is this great kernel of sensual knowledge?   Most women want Mr. Nice Guy to know how to look and act like a Bad Boy.  They want a man who knows when its time to act like a gentleman and then knows when its time to be anything but.  And yes, this generally means sensually and sexually. 

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