Saturday, January 19, 2013

Fun With No Strings.....

I was recently in a store where an attractive mother was struggling to do her shopping and keep her son in control.  While trying to amuse her child, some items dropped from her possession and without any thought, I stepped over to her and picked them up.  She gave me the standard thank you, but being a Good Bad Boy, I’m always looking for opportunities to practice my craft.  I looked at the toy, and commented “That’s really for you, isn’t it?” 

Of course, it wasn’t, but the point is, on top of the nice deed, I connected on another level, and made her smile and brought a moment of warmth.  Most importantly, this had nothing to do with trying to engage her sexually – it was a fun moment with only a hint of flirtation, and we both went our separate ways and got on with our lives.  If you practice the attitude of giving without expectation, you will make great gains in your relations with women.

The importance of this goes back to a woman’s emotional safety.  If she knows you’re doing things for her without any expectation from it, she will trust you more easily and desire being closer to you, whether or not that manifests in any physical activity.  Although, be assured that if there is any kissing, or more, that’s going to happen, it will only be if she reaches this comfort level with you.

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