Sunday, January 27, 2013

The 12 Guys You NEVER Want To Be.......

Below are the types of behavior you must avoid. These are Real Bad Boys - nothing good about them! Women, if you run into one of these guys turn on your heel and run in the opposite direction at top speed:

·         The Narcissist is a personality type weaved so well into the relationship landscape that there are several sub categories of narcissism that have to be considered. And just a heads up--there are plenty of women narcissists that this will apply to as well!

·         The Sexual Narcissist is a predator that encourages deviant sexual behavior and will lure you in by encouraging and approving 'open-mindedness'.  This person will use guilt to manipulate you into uncomfortable actions.

·        The Violent Narcissist--the name says it all. The 'world is against me' and will sabotage relationships by harassment and provocation.  Also will try to make you look like the 'out of control' person.  Very   dangerous as using physical violence is a means to an end with this person.

·        The Paranoid Narcissist is suspicious of everything and             accuses you of many things without justification.  Avoids exposure and will use you to hide from facing realities.

·          The Preaching Narcissist accuses others of failing unrealistically high standards of honesty and integrity while secretly lying and cheating behind your back.  Full of false moral integrity and high minded – all to deflect from their utter lack of character.

·    The Forewarning Narcissist will actually tell you up front what a bad person they are but is banking on your thinking you can change them--that you falling for the ruse that because this person has been 'up front and honest' you can trust them. Then when you are devastated by their bad behavior they play the 'I told you who I was when you met me' defense.  Next time one of these folks lets you know that they are no good and you shouldn't be around them--confound their plan by actually believing them and running away at top speed

·         The Finger Pointing Narcissist will blame you and others for all failures and will never accept any responsibility.  This person projects everything onto others and uses their ‘forgiveness’ as their hook.

·         The Contrite Narcissist will admit to their bad behavior and promises to change while asking forgiveness for their transgressions. This person is counting on your hitting the reset button so they can start the whole cycle over again.  This person promises to change but never does.

In addition to the Festival of Narcissists, also be aware of these other special folks:

·         The Manipulator pits people against each other and relies heavily on disinformation.  Intent on controlling others, and is very skilled at keeping friends and potential victims apart from each other.  Charming and charismatic, is a master with using words to gain their objective which is   usually financial.  Politicians and television evangelists fall into this category.

·         The Substance Abuser is once again all in the name.  Overindulgence in sex, drugs, alcohol, food or whatever will fill the endless void for self gratification.  This person will try to coerce you into joining the draining whirlpool of excess.

·         The Gambler is a foolhardy risk taker putting himself and all those around him in jeopardy.  Never learns from mistakes and has no remorse about continually causing ruin from poor impulsive decision making.  Keep your finances as far away as possible. 

·         The Soul Mate is a nefarious and crafty type that preys on those that will respond to their button pushing.  Hits you like gangbusters, sweeps you off your feet doing and saying all the right things and has all the same interests and tastes that you do.  It’s all a ruse, as those interests are a mirror to deflect from this person’s lack of depth and false integrity.  The only objective is garnering your attention whether it’s good or bad.  This person appears too good to be true and that’s because it is.  Very insidious and hard to detect, anyone who seems too perfect warrants deeper examination.

                Once again, by gaining knowledge on how real Bad Boys operate, you have the opportunity to achieve one of the Good Bad Boy’s primary objectives, which is to separate yourself from the rest of the clueless male populace.

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