Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Be Prepared, Boy Scout!

An important aspect is conviction.  A Good Bad Boy needs to be able to lead when it’s time to lead, provide a solution to a problem when it is required, yet also have the sense to know when to let things be – to know when less is more.  Women desire a Good Bad Boy because they can cover so much territory, both physically and emotionally.  It involves a higher lever of emotional maturity and confidence and the ability to lead. 
A Good Bad Boy is always ready with a plan or idea, and this way a woman can agree or change the plan to her liking.  A Good Bad Boy is evolved enough to let a woman have her way since making a woman happy in her heart is his ultimate goal.  Women want a man who can take charge – but is smart enough to never tell a woman what to do unless he is asked for his opinion.  And even then he should think twice!

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