Thursday, January 17, 2013

Real Expectations

So, if you can’t do a favor for an attractive woman without expectation of anything in return, then don’t do it at all.  Good Bad Boys know that doing kind deeds across the board, without the anticipation of some sort of payoff, is the only route to Good Bad Boy Enlightenment. 
Besides, the real secret is that a truly kind individual who gives freely without want or expectation of anything in return is much more likely to get what he wants.  I’m not talking Porsches and swimming pools; this is about engaging the women in your life on the level you’ve only dreamed of.  The change comes from the inside; assuming you’re now truly free of expectation, you don’t feel a lack or loss because nothing has happened.  You’ve done a selfless, kind act and asked or expected nothing in return.  You feel better, and it reflects to others around you.  Women pick up on it, and they are more attracted to you.  They love guys with this attitude. 
Do kind and selfless deeds without any expectation.  Doing them anonymously is even better; it’s a higher evolution of this belief.  Remember, it’s about how you feel on the inside, and this will make you feel better about yourself all around.

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