Saturday, January 5, 2013

It's Still Not Your Fault.....

Other unfortunate souls have suffered a time honored rite of passage--the oppressive ‘birds and bees’ talk with a Neanderthal Dad.  Many times this talk trumpets the merits of being a ‘man’s man’ and not to be too emotional or sensitive.  Unfortunately, this could resurface years later in the form of emotional unavailability, lack of communication of feelings and other behavioral difficulties stemming from a general bewilderment on how to act around the female half of the population.
Worst of all is the ‘classroom on the corner’, where the collective sexual unconsciousness of the neighborhood boys conspire to thwart any possibility of evolving a young male’s sensual awareness to any healthy degree.  Here all the rumors, innuendo, myths and urban legends involving girls that have been gleaned from media stereotypes have significant sway.  Music videos, television and film, soft and hardcore pornographic magazines and online websites and videos as well as other sources continue to foster an unrealistic standard of women’s looks, appearance and sexuality. 

With this as a source of sexual education, it’s easy to see where boys physically grow into men, yet often remain boys emotionally when it comes to dealing with their female counterparts.

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