Wednesday, July 10, 2013

You Can Actually Say No

At this point you’ve spent good time and effort on making yourself appear more attractive to women, and it’s very important to realize that while dating is a boulevard fraught with hazards, it is also a two way street.  You deserve to have some of this effort come back to you as well. 

If during the evening you’re finding that no matter what you say, or what topics you’re covering, or all the efforts you’re making are just not getting anywhere, respect what’s going on in front of you. Much more often than not, people just do not connect, and if you get that feeling inside--and the truth is always inside you- that this date is just not panning out, just be polite and let the evening ride itself out.  Nothing good will come from forcing the situation, if it’s not there from the get go, it’s highly unlikely it will show up down the road. 

Men have that instant trigger as to whether they want to sleep with a woman or not, and too often it guides our actions.  Women often feel that desire as well, the difference is that they generally don’t let it guide them.  For whatever the reason, there is just not enough in common, you have differing opinions on pets, she couldn’t possibly date an Aries, and so on, there is nothing you can do or say to make a situation that is not meant to happen work. There’s even the radical concept that despite the beauty of the woman you’re out on a date with, after speaking with her for a time, you’re not attracted to her anymore.  Trust your body (except the penis, of course!) it generally knows when to move forward and when to move on--listen to it. 

You will be very surprised at how positive you will feel for taking care of yourself by listening from within.  The empowerment you will experience from honoring yourself by declining to extend an evening with a woman you’re not connecting with, regardless of looks, will feel fresh and rewarding; you will not hesitate to do it again when called for.  Good Bad Boys take care of the women in their lives by making sure they take care of themselves first. 

Just remember there is amazing empowerment that occurs when you say No – in a polite, gentlemanly way, of course.

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