Monday, July 15, 2013

Kissing and Keeping Your Balance

Hopefully at this point there has been a lot of fun banter, and there is a mutual attraction and some electricity is flying about in the air.  You’ve accomplished a lot in this evening, and you should realize it is not a small feat.  However, all of your smart conversations, attentions to her words, flirtations, eye contact and smiling back will all go right down the drain if you cannot put the capper on the evening.  Whether you met her at the restaurant, or you are now about to drive her home, you will pick out that proper moment to show her that the evening was fabulous, that you desire her and you want to move your interactions to the next step.  You will kiss her goodnight, and be aware that a woman can tell everything sensually and sexually about a man from that first kiss.  You will show her in your kiss goodnight everything she needs to know – and can’t wait to find out about more.

It is a clear truth that a whole lot is riding on that first kiss, like it or not.  This will never change, so it’s very important that you become really skilled at kissing.  You already know if you are, so if you have any doubts, or just aren’t sure, then you should assume you need work here.  This is just one of those skills that you will know when you have it down.   
The first challenge is the moment.  It will be completely on you to make it happen, don’t even think about a woman making this first move, you are expected to do it and will be judged on it, so accept the challenge and excel at it.  If you arrived at your meeting place separately walk her to her car, or to where the parking valet is, or if you picked her up, walk her to her door.  As you approach her car, or are waiting for her car to arrive, or are standing at her front door, let her know just how much you enjoyed the evening and that you would like to see her again, soon.  You’ve already performed this task when you first met her and asked her out on the first date, so this should not be a big challenge at this point. 
If there has been a nice connection between the two of you, she should concur that she enjoyed herself and would like to get together again as well.  Then, say something that acknowledges the connection, something like ‘great, I’m very happy we’re both on the same page’ or something along those lines, put your own personal flavor on it.  Then gently reach out and put your arms around her waist, and slowly pull her close to you, and look her straight in the eyes as you approach to kiss her....




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