Sunday, July 28, 2013

Yes, It's That Important......

The first kiss is as important as anything in the Seduction Universe; it is a glimpse to everything physical beyond it.  If you are a good kisser, you will save yourself a lot of time and effort.  As you are in the throes of this first kiss, do not rush, do not think, just let everything flow.  If done right, time stands still while you’re kissing. 

You are feeling, interacting, responding to what the woman is doing physically.  Mix it up and change pace, pressure, pull back and do small gentle kisses along the perimeter of her lips, suck gently, or firmly on those lips and then gently go back in deeply for more.  This is truly an art form, so enjoy it, and explore.  You will have to work to define your own kissing style, but I can assure you practicing this will be great fun. 

Kissing is so important, and so overlooked in the dating realm, every guy is in a rush to get to the pot of gold.  Pace yourself, in the end the tortoise won the race from the hare and the same principles apply here. 

If you’ve really kissed a woman properly, after a few minutes you will gently break your kiss and she should be in slight daze, breathless.  In an old cartoon, stars or bluebirds would be circling her head. 

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