Sunday, July 21, 2013

Go Where You Are Wanted!

If for any reason when trying to kiss a woman for the first time she doesn’t respond in kind, gently pushes back from your embrace, turns her head while you try to kiss her, quickly and politely pecks you on the cheek, or any other indication that she is not ready or willing to give or receive a significant good night kiss, just accept it and back off, and wish her a good night upon parting. 

Any of these indicators show a lack of physical interest on her part, and you do not want to go where you are not wanted.  For whatever reason, she’s not interested in engaging with you physically, and that is a sign to call it a day with her and move on.  It was a nice evening, enjoy it for what it was, and realize that the number of women that you will truly connect with is significantly smaller than the number that will pass on being with you.  Trying to overcome any hesitation or perceived lack of interest with this person is time and effort wasted. 

Good Bad Boys know that they deserve and desire to be with a woman who is attracted to them from the start, and who do not play games in regard to expressing that.  The realm of dating and connecting is hard enough; having someone being inconsistent in their perceived desire from the start is a significant red flag.  Call it a night and look elsewhere.

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