Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The First Kiss

Lets assume at the end of this first date that a woman wants to show her interest physically, which is an exquisite stage.  There is a lot at stake here, so a few suggestions might help.  Be very natural; don’t come at her like a great white shark with your jaws wide open about to chomp on some prey.  At the other end, don’t keep your mouth too tight either, no one likes the feeling that they’re kissing a desk, or have to bore their way in like they’re drilling for oil.

You should just meet lips, be firm but not overbearing, feel and kiss with your lips a little bit and then slowly penetrate her mouth with your tongue and meet hers as well.  Be firm and exploratory, not too soft or wishy-washy.   You’re the guy; you should be firm, strong and confident.  Mind you, these are just suggestions and general parameters, there is no ‘one perfect’ way to kiss.  Feel the interplay with your partner, and let it flow.  Luckily, doing it well covers a range, so you get to put your own personal touch to it. 

One of my personal preferences is to find a wall, or some other fixed object (parking meters work great!) that I can gently push a woman against so I have her pinned, unable to escape as I kiss her, leaving her little choice but to receive it.

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