Saturday, March 16, 2013

Two Ears Versus One Mouth

It is now time to discuss the most important step down the Path of Bad Boy Enlightenment.    You should etch this permanently into your brain as soon as possible, that if you really want to become a Good Bad Boy;  you have to learn how to Listen To Women. 

Listening to other guys when you were a boy got you off on the wrong foot, and now its time to set you back in the right direction.  If you learn nothing else, please learn how to listen to women.  What this entails is not only listening, but hearing them as well.  Yes, another nuance for you to comprehend and excel at right away.  So many times women have expressed how men don’t listen to them.  Good Bad Boys have no interest in being like the unenlightened hordes of other men out there, so they take the extra time to become great listeners. Hear a woman out, offer support or and when it is requested--and only then--offer an opinion on the topic of conversation. 

If a woman is confiding to you about herself and that familiar male urge to give your opinion starts to come over you, do everything within your power to stifle it.  Bite your tongue, smile politely, think about baseball, nod your head, excuse yourself to the bathroom so you can regain composure and remind yourself not to think.  Do everything you can to kill this impulse.  If you lose this regrettable tendency, you will automatically become much more attractive to women.  You’re acknowledging their words and thoughts and giving them weight and consideration. 

Really listening to a woman is something they’re not used to from most men, so it will set you apart, and make you more special to them. 

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