Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Path To Quiet Confidence

So, it’s essential for a Good Bad Boy to know how to lead without taking control, and that’s only one of many conundrums that a guy will face with women.  So, of course, you defer to Mr. Wilde’s infinite wisdom and forego trying to figure them out.  What a Good Bad Boy will concern himself with is being an irresistible guy, and we’ll develop that later.  For now, we’ll concentrate on successfully interacting with women, and once again, that means thinking a whole lot less.

Barring any serious psychological issues on your part, you’re probably like a lot of the Nice Guys out there in that pleasuring a woman is important to you, and doing it well is a priority.  This has to be one of your main goals to have any hope of being truly adored by women.   Good Bad Boys have a quiet sense of pride in knowing that they are skillful lovers, and enjoy bringing a woman as much pleasure as she can handle. 

In the arena of being an adroit seducer and love maker, they already know the secrets and keep it to themselves.  Good Bad Boys don’t brag about their sexual activities, they’ve already been told by the women in their lives how special they are, and their opinions matter the most to them.  Hopefully you are already aware that you never boast about your past sexual experiences to a woman, unless never having sex with her is a goal for you. 

Even if she asks you about it, assume a self-effacing attitude and politely side step any specific mention of your experiences.  If you’re a skilled lover, she already knows you’ve been around the block a number of times.  Her imagining that you’ve been with a lot of women will potentially turn her on, thinking you’re a lovely, naughty Bad Boy, and now she’s captured your attentions all to herself.  You telling her you’ve been with a bunch of other girls will completely kill the illusion she’s created in her mind, make her feel diminished and unexceptional, as well as taking away her fantasy guy. 

Now you’re just another player who has completely turned her off.  Let her run with the imagery and keep your mouth shut.

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