Monday, October 1, 2012

Still Listening?

If a woman is confiding to you about herself and the things in her life and that all too familiar male urge to give your opinion or try to ‘fix’ the situation starts to come over you, do everything within your power to stifle it. Bite your tongue, smile politely, think about baseball, nod your head, excuse yourself to the bathroom so you can regain composure and remind yourself not to think.

Do anything and everything you can to kill that impulse. If you lose this tendency, you will automatically become much more attractive to women. You’re acknowledging their words and thoughts and giving them weight and consideration.

Women have to live in a man’s world, so you can do your part here. Really listening to a woman, and not offering your unsolicited advice, is something they’re not used to from most men, so it will set you apart, and make you more special to them.

Now that you're listening more, it's time to work on your communication skills....

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