Monday, October 8, 2012

Keep Asking.....

By asking questions, I’m not suggesting you ask about the news, sports or weather. One commonality to all Good Bad Boys is that they recognize opportunities to unlock the doors that separate men and women and become closer to them. This is absolutely one of those occasions, and you must use it wisely. Show a genuine interest in what she is saying, and try to ask questions that reflect that.

Being a red-blooded male, you’re more focused on what’s going on below her neck than above, but if you really show concern about the travails of her cat -- and mean it -- she’ll end up in your arms sooner anyway. Besides, you’ll be out of your own head and exploring her world, and that will attract you to her, and vice versa, in a more meaningful and powerful way than anything you can cook up left to your own primal devices.

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