Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Question, You Ask?

Now that you’ve managed to corral the bothersome instinct of offering your unsolicited advice, there is the enormous, gaping void left from its absence. We’ve now removed a popular -- with men at least -- tenet on how to behave around women, and there is this big empty space left. Being guys, we’re compelled to correct the situation, fill it with something – anything - regardless of it's lack of value to our self worth.

Luckily, this is another wonderful opportunity to fill it with Good Bad Boy practices and wisdom. You’ve been accustomed all this time in your dealings with women to chime in uninvited with what you felt was insight and understanding. Now that you’re aware of what a deadly gaffe that is, we’re going to turn it completely around and into your favor. Keeping with the theme of paradoxes, you are now going to do something that is totally contrary, that fights against every cell and drop of testosterone that is coursing through that male vessel of yours. You are now going to Ask Questions.

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