Sunday, October 21, 2012

And Listen Some More.......

While women have their similarities, a very sharp man will already know that women are snowflakes, each one of them unique; physically, mentally and emotionally. Listen to each woman as if it’s the first time you’ve listened to any woman, and never bring past assumptions or experiences with a woman to the table. Wipe the slate clean every time, this way it will always be a new experience. In asking a woman how she feels, you become a student, so take the frame of mind that you’re learning. The favorite subject of all Good Bad Boys is women, and they can never learn enough. Every Good Bad Boy is always a student and he never, under any circumstances, assumes he knows everything about women. That would be arrogant and egotistical, and taking this attitude will clear the room of all of the women you desire. If you disagree, you’re welcome to try it your way. I’m confident you’ll hate the results.

The objective here is to become an accomplished listener, which is the other half of being a good communicator. If you only talk, and don’t listen, you’re a blow hard, no matter how apt your words are. More importantly, listening leads to knowing the person you’re communicating with, and knowing each other is vitally important to mutual attraction. You may be in conversation with a super model look alike, but if she starts talking about how the homeless in her neighborhood have become intolerable, your attraction to this person should melt as quickly as ice dropped onto the backyard barbeque.

You’re now listening attentively and learning about this woman, and occasionally putting in a genuine comment or question, and you connect with what this woman is saying and the attraction is growing. There is a caveat, however. Since this level of conversation and getting to know each other is not a one-way street, be ready to have the spotlight turned onto you. Asking her questions may seem difficult, but it pales in comparison to the terrifying moment when she asks -

‘How does that make YOU feel?’

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